Zeke and Ragha travel to Ragha’s family’s village in Southern Thailand to share the gospel with Ragha’s friend, Tam Tam. Ragha wakes Zeke up early the next morning so that they can go and share. But when Zeke wakes up, he feels sick and can barely stand up. After Ragha tells Zeke about how her mother reminds her to be thankful to God in every situation, Zeke remembers a Bible verse he learned in Sunday school, 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

Berani takes Zeke on an Indonesian train. To Zeke’s surprise, people are not the only passengers for this train. There are chickens too! During the trip, Zeke explains to Berani that the Bible tells us to be kind to each other. By being kind to others, we can show the love of God. So, Berani also shows kindness to the elderly lady sitting next to him by holding her chicken.

In this story, Ragha, Berani and Kandy were visiting the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. While site-seeing, Berani saves Ragha from the cobra even though he is afraid.

Zeke, Tancho, Juju and Tai Shan travel to Japan to learn about the Japanese people. They visit a park May 5, which is Children’s Day in Japan. Zeke and the Caravan friends help a missionary, Mr. Davis, pass out brochures and sign children up for free piano lessons at the Tokyo Academy of Fine Arts. They learn that whatever they do can be done to the glory of God.

Zeke is happy to visit his friends Bindi and Googly and to pray with them in a busy market during the Hindu festival of Diwali. Zeke asks if he can pray for a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper tells them of the importance of the lamps during Diwali, and Zeke tells the shopkeeper about how the Bible teaches that Jesus is the light of the world.


How to make masala chai infographic

In the story, Malee, Madu and Zeke see a wedding parade in Vietnam, and learn about God’s gift of salvation and the persecuted church in Vietnam.

In this story, Juju and Googly plan to watch Korean teams play online games. On the way to the stadium, Juju leaves his backpack on the bus. The two friends must catch a taxi and race to catch the bus. After retrieving the backpack, Juju and Googly meet some Korean children, play games and talk about Jesus.


Jatra is super excited that his friends Zeke, Madu and Berani are coming to visit him for the Eid holiday. Most of the people in Jatra’s home country of Bangladesh are Muslim just like Berani’s home of Indonesia and Madu’s home of Malaysia. Since they all have time off they brought Zeke and came for a visit.

Googly, Ma Ni Ni and Zeke visit the Singapore Zoo, and make friends with Dalla, a baby gorilla who signs. Googly confesses to smuggling gum into Singapore, and his friends forgive him.


As Kandy, Zeke and Ma Ni Ni are prayer walking Chiang Mai, they get to eat Kandy’s favorite ice cream. While they are eating ice cream, they hear the cries of a sick baby coming from tin shacks nearby. They decide to see if they can help.


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