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How to Post Directions


  1. Writer creates story text and activity.
  2. Illustrator creates illustrations and coloring pages.
  3. Designer lays out final pdfs and story image.
  4. Designer sends to writer:
    1. Story image
    2. All, preschool, 1-4, 5-6
    3. Coloring pages PDF
    4. Separate activities as individual PDFs
    5. Writer uploads all pdfs and adds all tags and descriptions on

Designer prepares…

  • Story image.
  • downloadable content.

Writer adds…

  • Story
  • Character
  • Activity
  • Coloring page

To add a story, click on “add new post.”


  • Title (no quotation marks)
  • Story synopsis (2-4 sentences)
    Excerpt/lesson (1 sentence)
  • Categories (religion, character, geographic region/affinity, country)


  • Story image and select featured image.
  • PDFs (all, preschool, 1-4, 5-6, coloring page)


  • All
  • Preschool
  • Grades 1-4
  • Grades 5-6
  • Story image
  • Coloring page

To add an activity, click on Media, “add new.”

Upload each activity separately.

Tag appropriately:

  • First, tag as “activity.”
  • Then, tag as either Activity-Experience (like chai tea event), Activity-Live It (like sharing the Gospel or a humanitarian project), Activity-Puzzle (like crossword) or Activity-Arts and Crafts.

To add a coloring page, click on Media, “add new.”

Upload each coloring page separately.

Tag appropriately:

  • First, tag as “coloring page.”
  • Then, tag as CP-story, CP-character, CP-flag, CP-other.

To add a game, click on Media, “add new.”

Upload each game separately.

Tag appropriately:

  • First tag as “Games.”
  • Then, if the game is something physically active, tag “games-physical.”

To add a video, click on Media, “add new.”

Video should be .mov format, h.264 encoded. 480px high is fine.

Tag appropriately:

  • Tag as “Video”
  • Tag with primary character, country, religion (like stories)

Then upload video thumbnail. Again, 480px tall is good. GIF format.

Tag appropriately:

  • Tag as “Video Thumbnail”

Technical Info:

Plugin Usage:

  • AdRotate – used to create and display the sidebar content blocks
  • Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod – used to display the “more stories” widget. Used to exclude “KidsLikeYou” from the stories widget, rather than using the built-in Recent Posts widget
  • Breadcrumb NavXT – to display breadcrumb navigation
  • Cleaner Gallery – used to integrate Lightbox into gallery displays. May not be needed soon, per Tag Gallery developer.
  • Contact Form 7 – for Contact Us form
  • Lightbox Plus – for Lightbox display of galleries
  • List category posts – for shortcode [ catlist ] to list posts by category in pages
  • Media Tags – to organize WP Media uploads, and to query by tag
  • Redirector – creates the autoredirect for Adventures -> Stories back to Adventures
  • Tag Gallery – shortcode [ tag-gallery ], works with Media Tags to create galleries from media tags
  • W3 Total Cache – to speed up site in general. Reduces db queries by storing common queries on server disk. Also minifies js and css.
  • WordPress Database Backup – automates db backup by email

Custom Shortcodes:

  • [ mtlist tag_name=’some tag’ ]
  • [ mtvidgal tag_name=’some tag’ order=’sort order’ orderby=’sort key’ posts_per_page=’number of posts per page, -1=all’ numberposts=’how many to pull’ ]
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