Zeke and The Caravan are characters in a fun, free missions resource that takes kids on a spiritual expedition through the heart of Asia. Along the way, kids learn about the peoples and cultures of Asia and their incredible need for Jesus. The Caravan also expands kids’ views of how Christianity is vastly different from all world religions.

The centerpiece of The Caravan is their Adventures (stories). These stories introduce kids to the various countries and religious backgrounds of Asia. They also allow kids to explore and process the differences in other religions compared to biblical Truth.

There are various types of activities and resources that reinforce certain themes or concepts. We hope that all we do teaches, entertains and expands kids’ understanding and interest in missions.

This site and the resources contained in it have been developed by a variety of missionaries and media volunteers. We live in various parts of the world but most live somewhere in Asia. We see the vast lostness of Asia and the emptiness of the billions seeking hope in everything but Jesus. Our passion for the lost drives our desire for all followers of Christ – no matter their age — to share God’s heart for the nations.

We are IMB missionaries serving overseas. IMB is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, the United States of America’s largest evangelical denomination, claiming more than 40,000 churches with nearly 16 million members.