About Bangles

Cobras are poisonous snakes living in the tropical and desert regions of Asia and Africa. They kill their prey, usually small rodents and birds, by injecting poison through their nearly hollow fangs.

[BANG´guls] / noun /originally comes fr om a Hindi word and means rigid bracelets that have no clasp

Bangles is the friendliest cobra you could ever hope to meet. She comes from the northwestern part of India. Bangles knows that most of the people she sees and talks to every day have never even heard about Jesus. Because Bangles wants all of these people to hear about Jesus, she wears her colored bangles everywhere she goes.





Hindus believe in millions of gods that they have to worship to protect them and to build good karma. Karma is like a score being kept of every good or bad thing a person does. Hindus believe that everyone is reborn again as a different person or animal after they die; this is called reincarnation.



Northwest India’s varied landscape changes from vast mountains to deserts and contains many of India’s large cities. The people of North India have a very different culture from their southern neighbors.