About Everest

The yak is a long-haired ox-like animal found throughout the Himalayan region of South Asia and Mongolia. Domesticated yaks are kept primarily for their milk, fiberous hair and meat. They are also used as beasts of burden.


[ĔV´rist GEE YACK] / noun / Mt. Everest is located in the central Himalayan Mountains and is the highest place on earth / a yak is a shaggy-haired ox of the mountainous regions of Asia

Everest G. Yak is the oldest and wisest member of the Caravan. His home country is the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The rest of the Caravan often comes to him for advice because of his wisdom and experience. Everest knows that it is very important to hide the Word in your heart, to know and remember what it says.



Buddhists believe that there is no God. They teach that the way to be happy is to live a simple life because “things” only cause suffering. They believe in reincarnation – that after we die we are reborn as a different person or animal.




The Kingdom of Bhutan is located in the Himalayas and is one of the most isolated nations in the world. Outside influences are regulated by the government to preserve its traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture. Bhutan is linked historically and culturally with its neighbor, Tibet, and politically and economically with India.