The Asian Brown Tortoise, one of the giant tortoises living in Asia, lives in the broadleaf and tropical rainforests of South and Southeast Asia in countries such as Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia. Experts call the Asian Brown Tortoise unique because the females make good mothers and protect their eggs, unlike other tortoises.

About Rahga

[Rag’hah] a Thai word meaning “worth”

Ragha has a heart as big and solid as the shell on her back. She might be quiet and shy sometimes but, whenever one of her friends needs encouragement, she happily speaks up. She likes to go with her family to share about Jesus with the poor and the sick because she wants to help anyone who might think no one loves them.


Buddhists believe that there is no God. They teach that the way to be happy is to live a simple life because “things” only cause suffering. They believe in reincarnation – that after we die we are reborn as a different person or animal.




The Kingdom of Thailand sits in Southeast Asia, between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Most Thai people are Buddhist, 95 percent. The country was called “Siam” until 1939, when the government changed the name. “Thai” means “free” in the country’s language.