The Mongol horse is native horse breed of Mongolia. Mongol horses are short, stocky and have a larger head than other breeds of horses. Horseracing is a very popular pastime in Mongolia where most horse jockeys are young children.

[Taak hee]/ noun/ the Mongolian word for horse.

Takhi is a strong, spunky and hard working racehorse. She never gives up.
Takhi knows what it means to feel lonely and rejected. Takhi was born with a white cross marking over her left eye. Her fur was a mottled brown and black. She didn’t look like a descendant of a proud Mongolian racehorse clan. But on the lonely grasslands of Mongolia, a nomad found Takhi. This nomad rescued her from the point of death, nursed her back to health and told her about the One True God who had created Takhi. Now, Takhi uses her white cross marking to tell others about Jesus and how he is the One True God.



Animists believe in an unseen world of gods, demons and spirits. If someone is sick, they call upon a medicine man (sometimes called a Shaman) to help cure the sick person by attempting to appease the spirits. Animists live in fear of angering the spirit world.





Mongolia has mountains to the north and west, and the Gobi desert to the south with mainly grasslands in between. It was once one of the greatest empires in the world in the Middle Ages ruled by Genghis Khan. Because of Mongolia’s tough terrain and climate, more than 30% of the population lives as nomads.