To many people in India, the cow is considered sacred. They respect the cow as a mother figure for her gentle qualities and for providing milk and its products for their diet. The cow holds an honored place in society.

About Bindi

[BIN´dee] / noun / a word for a small decorative mark that women in South Asia wear in the middle of their forehead

Bindi’s friends always tell her that she is the nicest and friendliest cow they know. They ask her how she can be so nice all the time. Bindi explains that, since she knows that God is in control of life and that what we do reflects Him, she knows we must treat other people the way Jesus would treat them.



Tribal beliefs, also known as animism, are based on the belief that there is a spiritual realm in which humans are only a small part. Tribals and animists believe that plants, animals and even rocks can have a spirit like people do.




The eight Indian states that make up Northeast India stretch eastward from the rest of the country, nearly encircling Bangladesh and stretching toward China. Northeast Indians come from a very mixed cultural and ethnic background.