Old World monkeys are found in South Asia and most are tree dwellers. Often, monkeys can be seen in cities and even neighborhoods in South India. Sometimes things falling from a tree are because a monkey is playing up there!

About Googly

[GOO´glee] / noun /

a term from the sport cricket meaning a cricket ball thrown as if to break [go] one way but actually breaking [going] in the opposite way

Googly is the most adventurous member of the Caravan and comes from the southern part of India. He is very curious, often finding trouble because he is always getting into things he shouldn’t. His parents often ask him why he is so curious!

Tribals / Animists

Tribal beliefs, also known as animism, are based on the belief that there is a spiritual realm in which humans are only a small part. Tribals and animists believe that plants, animals and even rocks can have a spirit like people do.

The southern part of India is a triangular-shaped peninsula with the Arabian Sea to the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east. The land is rocky and there are two mountain ranges in the north.