The Asian elephant lives in India, Malaysia, Sumatra and Sri Lanka. It is commonly used for labor and very few elephants are left in the wild.

About Hati

[HĂ´tee] / derived from Hindi word hathi meaning elephant

Hati is the youngest member of the Caravan. He comes from a region in the northwest of India called Punjab. Though he is small, Hati has a very big imagination. He likes to imagine that he is a great missionary like the famous William Carey, who came to India a long time ago to tell people the Good News that Jesus Christ had been sent by God to offer forgiveness from sin.



Like many other main religions in South Asia, Sikhs believe in karma and reincarnation (that every good and bad thing we do influences how we will be reborn). They teach that, only when a person’s karma (good and bad deeds) is balanced, can that person avoid being reborn and become a part of god.



Punjab, India. Punjab is a state in northwestern India. Punjab has a greater concentration of Sikhs than anywhere else in the world. It is also the home of the city of Amritsar. The Golden Temple, which is the most sacred site of the Sikh religion, is in Amritsar.