The red squirrel spends most of his day in the treetops. He stores up food such as nuts and acorns, which he can open with great skill.

[Ju Ju]/ /noun/ Jujube is a red date found most often in China and Korea. The name came from Africa meaning superstition or spell.

JuJu is a squirrel as red as the color of a red date found in his home country of Korea. JuJu is a bit rebellious who does not easily conform to those around him. He loves punk rock music and anything else that makes him stand out in the crowd. He loves to explore and test boundaries. Juju learned about Jesus from his friend, Zeke. He is learning what it means to stand alone and be different from the rest of the world. He encourages others to stand up for Christ and not conform to the world.


Buddhists believe that there is no God. They teach that the way to be happy is to live a simple life because “things” only cause suffering. They believe in reincarnation – that after we die we are reborn as a different person or animal.


South Korea is about the size of the state of Indiana, but with many more people! Though there are many Christians in South Korea, the major religion is Buddhism.