Tai Shan

About Tai Shan

The Giant Panda typically spends half of every day eating. His favorite food is bamboo but he also enjoys honey, eggs, fish, yams, shrub leaves, oranges, and bananas. Giant pandas cannot run very fast but they are excellent tree climbers.

[TIE Shan] / noun / “Tai” is a Chinese word meaning “peaceful” and “Shan” is a Chinese word that means “mountain”

Tai Shan means “Peaceful Mountain” in the language of his homeland – China. Although Tai Shan is quite clumsy on the ground, he is quick and lively when climbing and moving within the trees. He usually spends most of his day quietly eating bamboo and daydreaming about his “warrior hero” adventures.


Buddhists believe that there is no God. They teach that the way to be happy is to live a simple life because “things” only cause suffering. They believe in reincarnation – that after we die we are reborn as a different person or animal.




China is a large country that includes Hong Kong and Macau and has more people than any other country in the world. The land size of China is slightly smaller than the United States but the population of China is nearly five times as large. Most people in China practice Buddhism.