Atheists are people who believe that there is no God or gods. Atheism is not really a religion, because atheists do not worship any god. Not every atheist thinks the same way about life of what people should or shouldn’t do. Morals are actions that we think people should or shouldn’t do (good or bad). Some atheists believe that we should have no morals at all. SOme believe that every person should make up their own set of morals.

Atheists do not believe in a heaven or hell. Therefore, they have no hope for eternal life with God and believe in no punishment for sin. They believe when people die, they no longer exist. For atheists, the life we live on earth is the only life we get, so we should all live for ourselves.

Atheists also believe the Earth, humans, and the universe slowly evolved over millions of years. They do not believe in an all-powerful Creator God. Atheists think that people created religion, and God is just a made-up story.

In Asian countries with Communist governments, atheism is the official state belief. These countries include China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Load. Many people in these countries have mixed Atheism and other religions into their own personal belief system. In every day life, they perform religious rituals for protection and luck, but when asked what they believe they say they do not believe in God, only in themselves.