Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu ten-day festival that celebrates the elephant-headed god Ganesh. 

During the festival, Hindus buy Ganesh idols of all sizes and offer incense and offerings to them. Hindus believe that Ganesh inhabits these idols during the festival. Ganesh is only present on earth during Ganesh Chaturthi and his presence ends at the completion of the festival, until he returns next year. At the end of the festival, Hindus immerse the idols into rivers and lakes, to symbolize Ganesh’s return home and that they believe he carries away misfortunes with him.

Pray that Hindus would hear about Jesus and follow Him, the one who already carried all their sins away when He died on the cross for them. Ask God for their hearts to be open so that they can come to celebrate the freedom from sin that they can only have through Jesus.