Holi is a colorful festival filled with LOTS of color and fun, fun, fun! In the Hindu religion, Holi is a festival that celebrates life by allowing the Hindu believer one ‘free’ day to do wrong or sin.

During Holi, people have many feasts. People drink thandai, a traditional drink made of milk, sugar, almonds and spices. But the most well known aspect of Holi is the throwing of powders. Many people are covered from head to toe with MANY colors.

White is the color of death in Indian culture, so people throw colorful powders to cover up death and give you life. People throw ALL colors, like red, blue, purple, green, and yellow. The dyes can stain clothes and skin for a while, that makes YOU change color!

Even though we don’t believe that we are to take a day to sin, Christians in South Asia still have fun with the colored powders.

Please pray that all of India would hear about the eternal life that they can have by following Jesus. This Holi, ask the Father to help the people of South Asia to see how colorful life with Jesus can be.




Photos of the Holi Festival