Like many other main religions in South Asia, Sikhs believe in karma and reincarnation (that every good and bad thing we do influences how we will be reborn). They teach that, only when a person’s karma (good and bad deeds) is balanced, can that person avoid being reborn and become a part of god. Instead of being assured of salvation through Jesus, what Sikhs consider “salvation” is this end of reincarnation and merging with god.

Meditation is very important in Sikhism. When Sikhs meditate, they sit very still and keep their mind on one thing. Sikhs will keep their mind on the teachings of their ten gurus, or teachers, whose words are written in the Sikh holy book. They believe that studying and meditating on these words can free them from all their weaknesses.

Things like lust, anger, greed, worldly attachment, and pride are weaknesses that Sikhs try to avoid. They value moderation in every aspect of living to try to avoid these weaknesses.