Taoism is more of a way of thinking than a religion.  There is not one God that is worshipped and no special holy place or holy book to read.  Taoism began with the writings of a Chinese man, Lao Ze, about 600 BC and most people who are Taoists live in East Asia.  From this beginning many people have added their own ideas of what Taoism is.

People who call themselves Taoists are really people who believe in ideas like harmony, peace, and nature.

For example, stand up straight on both your feet.  Lean to the left and then, before falling over, lean to the right.  Do your best to stand straight and not move one way or the other.  That is a bit like what Taoists try to do.  Balance is the goal.

Taoists believe that nature should be left to do whatever it is supposed to do.  So, if there’s a river, it should be able to go wherever it wants to go and no one should stop it.  Therefore, they would not agree with building a dam.

A person who is a Taoist would say that their main goal in life is to live at peace with nature and at peace with people.  Such a person would eat healthy, exercise, seek to live to an old age and then hope that when they die, their spirit becomes a part of creation and lives on in things like the wind, trees, or water.