Live it! Projects


You can make a difference! Join Zeke and his friends as they roll up their sleeves to help people in need.

How can you help?

  1. Choose one of the projects below or another project you know about.
  2. Share this need with your family, friends, Pastor and church group. Decide how you will help the project.
  3. Be creative. You can make this a family project, a school project, a church project, etc.



[ For more ideas on how to help a project
download our simple guide! ]


Feature Projects:

project-icons-may13Water Projects: Help provide access to clean water through water wells, tanks, filters or pipelines. More >

Widows, Orphans & Children: Help provide educational materials and opportunities to children and youth in need. More >children and youth projects

Agriculture & Livestock: Help provide seed, fertilizer, livestock or agricultural training to help a family support themselves. More >