Go & Tell

Jesus told his followers to take the Good News to all the world. That’s as far as the most remote village and as close as your neighbor or friend.

It’s really easier than it seems. Just share with others when God answers one of your prayers. Share stories from the Bible. And, share about when you became a Christian.


The Go & Tell materials

Go & Tell is a tool to teach God’s Word to children. Telling stories is a method often used by Jesus and it continues to be effective in all cultures.

Not only does Go & Tell teach God’s Word, but also it teaches skills and builds confidence, which will help children to share the Good News as adults. It is a way to encourage and guide children to be obedient to Jesus through sharing His Word.

Use Go & Tell with:

  • Children and youth — 8-13 years old
  • Children in Sunday school classes, Christian schools, AWANAs, Mission Friends, homeschool, VBS, Bible Camps, other programs, etc.
  • Children you work with on your mission trip
  • Your own children

Parent & Teacher Materials


Or, download specific materials.

Teacher’s Guidebook {Understand Go & Tell and how to use it}

Story sets {Adult leader stories with notes}:
10-Story Set15-Story Set

Key Truth sheets {correlate with 5-Story set}

Leading a Bible Story Discussion {simple guide for adult leaders}



Kid’s Materials

Kid’s Notebook
{Helps kids know about sharing God’s stories and provides the Creation to Church story}

Story sets {stories only}:
5-Story Set10-Story Set15-Story Set