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“A missionary kid asks God to take his fear and give him faith”

By Asher Dunlow*

SOUTH ASIA — Everything is going good here. I just got home from our trip, and I had a blast. The first couple of days were a bit rough, but after that, things sure did look up. I made some new friends, and we did some fun stuff.

After the second night there, me and Mom had a talk about being afraid and praying to God. Mom said if I really believe that God will answer my prayers, then He will; but if I don’t believe it when I’m praying, then God won’t answer. Well, she was right. As soon as I believed that God was going to help me not to be afraid, then He did! The rest of the week was a blast, and I had so much fun. The name of our Vacation Bible School was Kingdom of the Son, and it was a safari. I swam, ate some really good food, and played putt-putt golf.

Well, I’ll write to you again real soon. I love you. Bye!


*Name changed for security reasons.

Asher Dunlow, 6, is a missionary kid serving with his family in South Asia.