Mountain Music

“Mountain Music”

Zeke and his dad are hiking through mountains of Nepal with Everest, Raj and Googly.  As they stop to enjoy God’s beautiful creation they notice Buddhist prayer flags blowing in the wind.  They are saddened that many of the people of Nepal worship God’s creation instead of the One True God that created everything.  The friends hear music and follow the sounds into a small village where they discover a group of Nepali believers praying, singing and writing songs of praise to God in their own language, with their native instruments.  The group is happy to see God being worshipped in Nepal and stops to pray for the people of Nepal before heading back from their journey.


Check out the Nepali Instrument Showcase video!


Children will learn about the beauty of God's creation in Nepal and also how many in Nepal worship creation instead of God. They will learn about how believers are worshipping God through the gifts He has given them. They will learn how to better pray for the people of Nepal.

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